RQ+110 / RQ+120 / RQ+130


Smart Controller(32bit)

Build + coding + play

Assembly robot kits for robot & coding education

RQ+KIT is an educational assembly robot kit that is consist of 3 connected levels,

RQ+110 +120 and +130

These entry level robot kits provide various and interesting robot examples including wheeled and biped robots, and use safe plastic frames and rivets only.

Upgradeable System

Each level provides 10 exciting robot examples.
Total 30 robot examples are provided from the 3 levels.
The higher level kits need parts from the lower level kits.

RQ-HUNO share the same core parts with RQ+KIT.
RQ-HUNO is ldeal for advanced
robot + coding education.

Designed for Robot + Coding Education

3 Guide books

Option : Coding book

Inside of Manuals

Coding Education

Flowchart S/W (Windows)

Inside of Coding book

Curriculum: 30 basic courses and 14 coding courses

Level Robot Basic course Coding course Remarks
Course Subjects Course Subjects
RQ+110 10 10 Principles of robots
/ Robot building
/ Robot games
3 Robot doding
/Increase creativity
/Prepare robot
Coding courses need optional parts.
RQ+120 10 10 6
RQ+130 10 10 5

Coding Missions

This time, let’s create a program using three frames (2 more frames).

The distance from the launcher to the target frame is approximately 55cm. With the sensor attached, the distance from the launcher to the PSD sensor is 23cm, so the distance from The PSD sensor to the target will be 32cm. (55cm – 23cm=32cm)